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The Way of the Pixelated Fist
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The Way of the Pixelated Fist in the IndieGameStand Store
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The Way of the Pixelated Fist is a parkour and martial arts inspired free-roaming cinematic platformer. While it blends together the gameplay concepts of The Prince of Persia and Karateka, they are presented with refined controls and other modern innovations to give the game an intuitive and fluid feel.

Players play as Dag in this successor to Jump/Boxer as he looks to complete the trials within the 36 Chambers scattered throughout a village hidden within a city's rooftops. The trials within the Chambers vary from each set, ranging from puzzle-solving to beat-em-up and stealth mechanics. Along the way, there will be many rival martial artists to beat in friendly sparring matches, martial arts masters to challenge, and a variety of platforming challenges throughout the hidden village.


- Parkour-inspired platforming mechanics with tight and fluid controls

- Fighting game mechanics with an intuitive control-scheme designed to work within a side-scrolling platformer

- Complete the trials within the 36 Chambers consisting of puzzle-solving, beat-em-up, action and stealth-platforming challenges

- Defeat the Grand Masters hidden throughout the village, performing varied platforming challenges along the way during Dag's quest

- Supports Xbox 360 Controller
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