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Get in on the hottest thing this summer as we jump in to a world that has been over run by Orcs. Its a Rough Arcade, Japanese Styled Dungeon Crawler. Get your game face on as one of this years hardest game is about to hit.

An Intense battle ground where enemies don’t know when to stop, teaming up and coming after you making you think twice of how you approach the gang that is on your tail.

With worlds that light up the experience, giving you an incentive to fight for a reason. As there is a lot at stake and lives are in the balance. Experience the Town, the valley and the lost kingdom.

If you stay alive long enough, you will find your skills in battle will increase with a magical flavour, arcane, fire & holy to mention a few spells.
As well as strength & agility to make you a truly unique hero among many.

At times, it will feel like you are having the upper hand. With aid from the town hero’s you’ll make the enemy think twice before attacking again, and yet, turn around and run, since behind the wall was a force too big to handle. Don’t lose control of the amount of enemies that are being transported to the grounds by the necromancers.

Play as Danny, Johnny and Sonny. With each of them with their strength, they will all provide you with an amazing experience as you command them to battle and to glory.

As never before, you will realize the mortality that we so take for granted, as you will see that every life is precious and you will fight and fight again you will to prove that you. You will not accept loss.

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