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Fall in love with this beautiful game of light and sound. Auditorium is about the process of discovery and play. There are no right or wrong answers; there are many ways to solve every puzzle. See why Auditorium has won countless awards and is considered the Second Best Browser Game of All Time. To get started, turn up your sound and fill up the first audio container!


“A beautiful and meditative abstract game. I appreciate the fact that nothing is explained, yet it’s intuitive enough to figure out through exploration.” — Jay Zasa, Communication Arts

“Auditorium is a really intriguing and addictive multisensory experience — part puzzle game, part light sculpture, part musical instrument” —Peter Cohen, Macworld

“Cipher Prime succeeds once again in creating a puzzle with an atmosphere that pops with energy” —Samit Sarkar, Destructoid

“Creative and challenging, this game has truly exceptional design and is a lot of fun to play.” —StaceyG, Jay Is Games
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