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Rats - Time is running out!
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Rats - Time is running out! in the IndieGameStand Store
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Ever secretly wanted to know what it felt like to be a bank robbing rat? If so, welcome to Rats where you get to do exactly that. Feel the ultimate rush of a heist by sneaking in, snatch as much loot as possible, grab the diamond, avoid the guards & get out as quickly as possible before your time runs out. Your ultimate goal is to take down the Pig's cruel control over the world!

Rats - Time is running out! is a time based game in which you will need to be focused, quick & strategic. Be mindful since all of your actions will affect time & keep an eye out for powerful items that will aid you to succeed. You will be constantly pressured but the rewards will be even greater. With success, you will even be able to elevate your character’s abilities. In the end, will you play it safe or be greedy & risk it all?
BY: Citeremis
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