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KEL Reaper of Entropy
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KEL Reaper of Entropy is an unconventional, humorous adventure game for PC and Mac.

Now also available on STEAM

The game gives you the chance to control (or at least try to) Kel the Skeleton, the fabled RPG character, who has risen once more from the dead near a peaceful village in the woods. You set out to explore said woods and the village, picking up whatever you find useful along the way (we recommend the poisonous berries). You'll discover there are numerous ways to mess things up for the villagers, from causing silly accidents to manipulating them into killing each other.

Throughout the game there are all sorts of unexpected little secrets to discover, 15 amusing achievements to complete and enough twisted humor to go round.

- A beautiful 3D fantasy world with delicious poisonous berries to pick up
- A stubborn, crooked protagonist to deal with
- Multiple ways to obliterate your enemies (poison, intrigues, stupid accidents, you name it)
- Unexpected twists and turns to your actions
- An ancient relic (Game Manual) to learn from
- An interview with one of the most beloved characters in the history of games
- And it's DRM free because we love you!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! contact [at] and

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