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Spark Rising
PLEASE NOTE: Speak Rising is currently available exclusively through Steam so there is $1 minimum on this deal.


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PLEASE NOTE: Speak Rising is currently available exclusively through Steam so there is $1 minimum on this deal.

Happy Brrffday! To celebrate the creator of the game's coming of age, we're doing a pay whatcha want promo. And giving to charity!

Spark Rising is an action conquest game that features sandbox elements and user generated content so you can create your own battle scenarios.

You play a diminutive Spark Bot, created for the sole purpose to mine rare crystals. Your mysterious prime directive leads you down a war mongering path, conquering marauding enemies, decimating their bases that are armed to the hilt with defenses, traps, and enemy troops. Plunder resources and loot, build your own fortress to fend off attackers, and conquer the galaxy.

Join us in this journey in the creation of Spark Rising!

Upcoming Features:
* Co-op gameplay
* Import your creations from Minecraft and Qubicle
* Conquest Mode
* Create your own army
* Steam Workshop support

Note 1: This game is currently only available on Steam Early Access at the moment due to how user generated content will be shared on Steam Workshop.

Note 2: At this stage, only the Windows version is available. The Mac version will be launching in the next few months.

Note 3: The bonus maps will not be available in the final product and are exclusive to early backers. So get them now!

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Average Price: $1.11
# of purchases: 1,986
Average Windows: $1.44
Average Mac: $2.86
Average Linux: $1.48

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5. @Hog8oy $10.22
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10. Anonymous $10.00

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