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Copod is a roguelite where you have to survive as a small creature in a strange world. All you want is to find a flower to impress your mate so you can continue to the next generation, but there are many other creatures that are in your way. Find eggs to hatch fellow Copods to help you out or sacrifice them for more health. Kill and scavenge for varied powers that you give you a temporary abilities and get evolutions to improve your odds of survival.

Copod Version 0.4 is out now!
In this new version, I've added the ability to customise your game run.

By simply toggling the game settings, you can change the way Copod is played. The Ethereal setting combines your soul count and health bar together while Pellets lets you shoot pellets rather than dashing into enemies. You can even mix and match them to make unique runs.

I've beefed up the evolutions too. They make a far more noticeable effect on your performance and abilities. There is also a new evolution that lets you spawn your own followers by killing enemies.
BY: Ben Perry
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