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Super Trench Attack
Super Trench Attack! is the mad goofball shooter set admist the chaos of World War 1.

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Super Trench Attack! is the mad goofball shooter set admist the chaos of World War 1. This latest version features tons of new content, levels, and gameplay, and of course more bonkers humor!


360 Controller support,
Crazy humor and jokes throughout,
Intense twin-stick shooter gameplay,
Hogan's alley style shooting segments,
Unique headshot/footshot targetting system,
4 Massive open areas to explore,
16 varied missions,
Buddy AI to help you out,
Fully upgradeable weapons,
Level-up yourself and your buddy AI,
Goofball bonkers humor,


The Dastardly Black Army has invaded your homeland! The only thing between them and victory stands one man. A new recruit with a penchant for naked lady magazines and an eye for headshots. Enter the crazy world of Super Trench Attack.


'Super Trench Attack shows a surprising bravura within the style of game it aims to be. I meant to play for about half-an-hour, but the time flew by, and I didn't check the clock until two hours later.' - IndieStatik

'STA made me realize a game was about sh*ts and giggles rather than your frag count. First impressions? I am impressed indeed.' - Rawket Launcher

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System Requirements : Windows, 1GHZ CPU, 512MB RAM, 168MB Hard-drive
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