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Dead Cyborg: Episode 1
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Dead Cyborg: Episode 1 in the IndieGameStand Store
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Dead Cyborg is a free, donation based sci-fi adventure game in first person view and with detailed graphics, on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The Story:
You are a human being who has waken up in a cryotank... you have no memories, but you find some messages from the past... from yourself...

You don't feel good... maybe this is a radioactive and toxic place ... you may not have much time... You find some stupid robots... with strange answers to your questions.

Where and when is this game playing?
We don't know. Maybe in the future... in a rusty, metal and concrete, post apocalyptic world... but it doesn't matter.

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Average Price: $2.94
# of purchases: 221
Average Windows: $2.90
Average Mac: $2.75
Average Linux: $3.16

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