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Angvik is a platform action game set in a joyful but unforgiving land.

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Angvik is a platform action game set in a joyful but unforgiving land. The castle has been taken over by a barbarian and no one else has the courage to confront him, so take up your father's gear and set off on a wondrous journey! And you're not alone: you'll find many birds and items to aid you along the way, and you'll encounter all sorts of creatures to fight as well. But watch your step! You have only one life, so if you die, you stay dead.

Works on Windows 7 or newer, Mac requires 10.7 or newer.

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Average Price: $1.16
# of purchases: 1,291
Average Windows: $1.48
Average Mac: $2.46
Average Linux: $1.70

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1. @vigrid $25.00
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3. Max FN Power $11.00
4. Matthew0275 $11.00
5. Anonymous $10.24
6. Anonymous $10.07
7. Anonymous $10.03
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9. Anonymous $10.00
10. Anonymous $10.00

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"You wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking that Angvik has some roguelike elements, because it does, yet it’s missing a vital component, I think. If roguelike features are another way of saying high replayability, then Angvik certainly has that, but it limits itself by not going the whole hog. Angvik doesn’t have randomly generated levels. " - Read More

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