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Pandora Purge of Pride
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Pandora Purge of Pride in the IndieGameStand Store
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Pandora: Purge of Pride is a first person puzzle game in which you play as Pandora, a Victorian woman who must recapture the Seven Deadly Sins after they have been unleashed on her mansion.

You must solve a different puzzle based on each Sin to recapture them all, putting them back in the box. As you solve each Sin's puzzle, you earn a new power that will help you manipulate your environment and solve further puzzles.

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Average Price: $1.81
# of purchases: 572
Average Windows: $1.74
Average Mac: $1.99
Average Linux: $2.19

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1. @SpooderW $33.78
2. Tempus $16.01
3. @grondinm $15.00
4. Anonymous $10.18
5. Anonymous $10.05
6. Anonymous $10.02
7. Anonymous $10.01
8. Anonymous $10.00
9. Anonymous $10.00
10. Anonymous $10.00

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Go for the Crown

Top three Contributors Win:

  • Top contributor gets a limited Pandora sin t-shirt (their choice of the Seven Deadly Sins), a Pandora branded flash drive, and a Pandora pin.
  • 2nd top contributor gets a Pandora branded flash drive and a Pandora pin.
  • 3rd top contributor gets a Pandora pin.
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