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Land Air Sea Warfare
Command a force of thousands of units into strategic warfare in this new real time strategy game.
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Command a force of thousands of units into strategic warfare in this new real time strategy game. Fortify your base with turrets, surface to air missile launchers, torpedo launchers, and long range cannons. Next create factories to pump out enormous legions of vehicles, aircraft, and ships to wage war with, you decide what to build! Form groups and transport units to prepare for an assault on the enemy. Finally execute your strategic battle plan and enjoy the immense carnage that ensues. Discover and mine unique resources to build gigantic mega units which can turn the tides of war instantly!

A copy of Land Air Sea Warfare on iPhone & iPad


Build over 100 types of units and technologies
Play on randomized maps for unlimited game play
Construct and control gigantic mega units
Command armies with hundreds of vehicles, ships, and aircraft
Research over 30 exciting technologies
Scorch the destructible environment
Learn from the built in help and tutorial


"If you're already a big RTS fan, I'll offer you this advice – go buy this game right now. You need it. You'll love it. It's a truly excellent single player RTS affair." - Touch Arcade

"Launching pincer attacks is quick and easy to do, with units responding without fuss to your commands." - Pocket Gamer

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