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Arcana Kirā (アルカナキラー)
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Arcana Kira is an epic action role playing game with innovative 3rd person platforming gameplay, memorable characters, and a modern aesthetic. You play as the enigmatic Arcana Kira, a space assassin chasing a bounty that will make her rich enough to retire in luxury. But such bounties are hard to secure, especially on a huge alien world and across multiple trans-dimensional boundaries while fighting hoards of elemental beasts and bosses.

If you love RPGs fused with other genres, beautiful sci-fi art, delicate handcrafted music, insane bosses, subtle dark humor and total sci-fi nerdom… Arcana Kira is for you!

NOTE: Arcana Kira is an already greenlit game in ALPHA development, and as of July 28, 2015 stands at 55% implemented. Steam keys will be provided once the game enters BETA phase.

The year is 3417: the dawn of the Federation Civil War . You are Arcana Kira (アルカナキラー) a professional assassin & bounty hunter, hired by the Federation to capture a rogue scientist and his transdimensional weapons. Journey through a massive alien planet, fight hordes of multidimensional beasts, and chase your bounty through dimensional vortexes in this huge open world action RPG game.

Minimum Specs:

- 64-bit Windows Vista or greater (Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows Vista X64)
- Dual Intel Core i3 at 2.4GHz or higher or AMD Quad Core Phenom II at 3 Ghz or higher
- ATI Radeon 5870 with 1GB GDDR5 or higher or Nvidia GeForce GTX 470
- 4GB of RAM or higher
- 2GB of hard drive space

Recommended Specs:
- Core i7 2600k or higher or AMD FX8350 or higher
- 8GB of DDR3 or higher
- AMD Radeon 7970 or higher or Nvidia GTX 680 or higher

- 3rd person action RPG with JRPG & platforming elements, vehicles, and more.
- Optimized multi-threaded 64-bit Direct X 11 game engine with configurable SMAA, HDR, Bloom & more.
- Latest testing version available to play immediately if you pre-order now (new update each Friday.)
- 26 enemies, 8 bosses
- Custom game launcher & arcanakira.ini file.

The year is 3417: the dawn of the civil war between the human colonies of Mardius Prime and New Eden. You are Arcana Kira (アルカナキラー), a professional assassin, hired by the Federation Star Alliance (連盟スターアライアンス) to capture someone named "Taiyokera" (太陽けら) who they say has developed a transdimensional weapon of mass destruction. The reward is $2 billion credits if he is captured alive, $100 million credits for his head, and $10,000 credits for information leading to his successful capture. Your Federation contact warns you that the other factions involved in the civil war will also likely be pursuing Taiyokera, and that they will use lethal force against you in order to secure him and the technology for themselves. The Federation will pay you a bounty per head to eliminate any and all opposition forces.
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