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Here at IndieGameStand, we put the purchasing power into the hands of the gamers. When you buy one of our games, you’re supporting indie gaming by directly funding the developers who made the games. You’re also supporting charity with your purchase, as 10% of all proceeds go to the charity of the developer’s choice.

We’re just as passionate about gaming as you are. We exist to bring awesome games to gamers like you. Pay whatever you want for the games, because when you do, everybody wins.
Retail Price: $9.99
You Save: $4.99


Pay at least $1 to be eligible to receive keys for this game (Steam, Desura, GOG) as they become available!

Beat the Average

Pay more than $2.13 to unlock this game's Bonus Content!
Includes: Echo of the Wilds, Ilamentia IGS Extended Remix Album, Ilamentia IGS Wallpaper

Make it a Bundle

Pay at least $10 to create a 3 game bundle, adding our previous game, Luna's Wandering Stars, our next Mystery Game, plus all bonus content!

Go for the Crown

You’re going for the high score! The top three contributors of this sale will win a sweet IndieGameStand tee!

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