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About IndieGameStand Store - the best place to download indie games

IndieGameStand is a different kind of indie gaming bundle and promotional website. Our site is about featuring and promoting a new independent game every 96 hours (4 days) for gamers to purchase at a discounted price. That's a new Pay-What-You-Want game sale every few days. The best part is that any game you purchase will be yours to keep forever and stored in your game wallet on our site.

The point of the Indie Game Stand is to put a spotlight on those indie titles which provide fantastic experiences, but may have been passed over by the mainstream gaming public, portals, websites, or whatever. This site is about supporting all of the fantastic and worthwhile indie developers out there. Every developer out there deserves a moment to shine.

IndieGameStand is a simple way to find, download and distribute indie games online. Whether you're a developer looking to upload your game or just someone looking for something new to play indie game stand has you covered.

What the Indie Games Stand Store can do to help indie game developers

IndieGameStand is committed to serving the indie gaming community exclusively, a focus that stems from the company’s love and admiration for indie game developers’ dedication and creative passion. For developers, the new storefront’s benefits include a 75/25 revenue split and 1-2 day approval times—both better than the industry standard. Flexible backend tools enable developers to set up PC, Mac, and Linux games in an hour or less, link up with Steam Greenlight or Kickstarter campaigns, distribute alpha and beta builds, provide customers with Steam or Desura keys, and more.

Featured Indie Games

Neurovoider indie game download

Neurovoider by Plug In Digital



Hospital Escape indie game download

Hospital Escape by DaraGames



Stone Tales indie game download

Stone Tales by Black Shell Media



Frog Climbers indie game download

Frog Climbers by Plug In Digital



Station 21 indie game download

Station 21 by R-tecc Games



Linkrealms indie game download

Linkrealms by Mythyn Interactive



Indie Games: New Releases

Asteroid Belt Miner indie game download

Asteroid Belt Miner by QB'k Games



The Defending Shadow indie game download

The Defending Shadow by A&C RPG



MiniAdventureGolf indie game download

MiniAdventureGolf by VEHMAA



Mazes of Hell indie game download

Mazes of Hell by ZGFstudio



MiniGolf in Venice indie game download

MiniGolf in Venice by VEHMAA



GlowOne indie game download

GlowOne by VEHMAA



Space Raiders indie game download

Space Raiders by VEHMAA



ROSWELL indie game download

ROSWELL by Judah Mantell



Killer Elite – Time to Die indie game download

Killer Elite – Time to Die by WRGenesis



BasketRoll 3D: Rolling Ball indie game download

BasketRoll 3D: Rolling Ball by Tsybasco



MetaTron indie game download

MetaTron by TubbyKiD UG



Magic Axe indie game download

Magic Axe by Private



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