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Post February 6th, 2014, 2:37 am

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to introduce our game to you and hear what you think about it. :D

Saga of Pandoria is a single-player fantasy action-RPG inspired by various SNES classics built using the Source engine. Help Cyrus, Kira and Dyani to restore balance to the world. Fight crazy and imaginative creatures. Explore the biggest continent Pandoria with its detailed and unique environments. Experience the future of travelling: cannon air aviation. Feel the love we put into this game. Become a hero and save the world!

Saga of Pandoria is a mix of classic "Western" and "Japanese" RPG elements and we have been working on the game for quite some time now. The game has been designed and programmed with coop in mind; this is why the game is running on MP code already. However for the first release I want to polish and release single-player first, to make sure that the game is fun even if only playing alone. As second step then I want to add 3 player coop, as this will require much additional effort in testing & balancing.

Technically we are close to being able to release the game, but as we are using the source engine according to Valve we are required to pass Greenlight before they are willing to let us purchase the "Indie" license of their engine. In other words, without passing Greenlight we can never release the game.

Just a short overview of the features:
• Indie Fantasy Action-RPG, Story driven campaign, 7 Chapters on multiple continents, Monsters with unique attack patterns & demanding BOSS fights
• Third person fast paced fighting / Block / Combo / Skill / XP system
• Learn and how to master the power of Mana, cast skills thoughtfully based on individual situation and get rewarded.
• 3 Difficulties and 40 player levels to unlock, progress stored independent from game-session ("Diablo" principle)
• Designed for full Xbox360/Steam Controller game-pad support / best enjoyed in big picture mode / Could be launch game for SteamBox
• Unique art style / Detailed game world / Added Source engine effects e.g. Depth of Field (DOF).


I would LOVE to hear what you think about our game, and of course if you like our game voting for us would mean the WORLD to us.
Without passing Greenlight our game can never see the light of day :(

Warm regards,

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Great visuals are indisputable. i hope that gameplay is great too!
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Visuals immediately caught my eye. Game looks very promising, and co-op sounds great!

Not being able to release your game without passing greenlight sounds terrible... I guess I never really considered that, but if you're using the source engine I guess that isn't too much of a stretch. I'll be sure to vote for your game and spread it around to other people.

Good luck!

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Hi guys, thanks a lot for your feedback!

Yes I think being not allowed to release your game is THE worst thing that could happen to any indie developer. If I would have known that before I sure would have used a different engine. :cry: Well nothing we can do now, let’s just hope it works out with Greenlight. So far it’s looking quite okay (as far as the graph is telling us)

Warm regards,

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Intrest piqued at RPG.

Interest lost at SOURCE

Sorry. I wish you luck and all but the Steam requirement and Steams anti consumer policies wont permit me to try it myself.

Side note: Always wondered what would happen if Valve made an RPG.

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Followup: The visuals do not look graphically intense, but it certainly is a very good visual aesthetic. With games like Shadowlands: Ravensword If it never gets greenlit, think it would be a heavy investment to re- build in something like Unity?

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Hi viroodiem, thanks for your comment!

Well in case we get Greenlit then we can and will release the game also as DRM free version (not via Steam), but as per license agreement we are forced to pass Greenlight first.

Also porting the game to a different engine is just not possible, it would take more effort than to start from scratch I think :/

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