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Corril Slayer (Horror à la Mega Man/Castlevania)

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Game: Corril Slayer (Corril Slayer: The Walking Evil Dead)
Platforms: PC, Desura
Developer: Pure Bang Games

A botched lobotomy leaves Sam Asherton with the ability to see ghosts. Armed with dual Magnums, players take control of Sam as he adventures through creepy landscapes, battles the undead, and hunts down the internet's most infamous monsters.

Corril Slayer: The Walking Evil Dead is a 2D platformer video game inspired by classic retro action games such as Mega Man and Castlevania. Set in a mysterious and haunting world crafted by expert pixel artist and game designer, Eric Ruth, Corril Slayer's moody and creepy scenes turn even darker and more eerie with an imaginative soundtrack from the renowned horror music outfit, Midnight Syndicate. Players can switch between the real world and the ghostworld to uncover power-ups and clues to defeat bosses such as the mysterious SlenderMan, a creature who stalks children. Corril Slayer takes players back to the 8-bit golden age of fun and excitement.

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I love the look of this one. Will be trying it out soon!

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Here's one what would have been great for Halloween... ... Good stuff here, I can get behind this one.

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dliebner wrote:
I love the look of this one. Will be trying it out soon!

Have you tried it yet?

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