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Post January 10th, 2014, 11:56 am

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Game: XenoRaptor
Platform: PC/Mac/Linux (DRM-free, Steam Greenlight)
Developer: XenoRaptor

Game Description:
XenoRaptor is a co-op top down shooter with rocket propelled chainsaws and teleporting attack bears.


-Design hundreds of your own weapons by combining components
-Build and paint your own ship.
-8 Player co-op
-16 Player deathmatch
-44 Varied enemy types (with more in development)
-13 Lethal boss fights (with more in development)
-Challenging gameplay with online scoreboards

The gameplay is designed to be fast and challenging, with lots of room for players to excel. Enemies are aggressive and can work together, with some of them attacking head on and others trying to flank. Their attacks are designed so that a skilled player can almost always avoid damage with quick thinking and dexterity, but messing up will get you killed fast.
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Post January 31st, 2014, 11:03 pm

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Here's the developer's description from TIGForums. I was sold at "a weapon which teleports attack bears into the cockpit of enemy ships."

In XenoRaptor, you play as a cyberdragon fighting against armies of rocket propelled chainsaws, bulldozer tanks and other demonic warmachines. The game is designed to be fast paced, responsive and challenging.

You can build an enormous amount of distinct weapons by combining components dropped by bosses, making anything from an antimatter chaingun to a weapon which teleports attack bears into the cockpit of enemy ships.

The enemy design is also very varied. There are a lot of different weapons at their disposal, and they use them in many cunning ways. Some enemies will charge straight at you while others cloak and try to position themselves for an ambush. Another type will fire missiles at you from long range, and run away if you get close.

You can use their weapons and AI against them, however. Enemies in XenoRaptor deal full damage to each other, so if you pay attention to how the AI reacts you can trick them into shooting each other or crashing into things. Or hypnotize them with a mind control laser and get your own rocket chainsaw army.

The game has 8 player coop as well as 16 player deathmatch. A team based multiplayer mode is also on the way, although more playtesting will be involved in working out exactly how that's going to work.




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Post January 31st, 2014, 11:40 pm

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Very rarely do I impulse-buy games. I saw XenoRaptor on TIGForums last night and was instantly intrigued by the crazy description and impressive GIFs. If "a weapon which teleports attack bears into the cockpit of enemy ships" doesn't peak your interest, nothing will. I tried the demo and then purchased the game ten minutes later, I'm a big fan of dual stick shooters and bullet hell mayhem action games, and XenoRaptor does not disappoint.

The last indie that compelled me to buy it so fast was Broforce and in a similar fashion, XenoRaptor is wild, over-the-top, and just fun. The controls are fluid and very responsive, allowing you to evade enemy fire and enemies themselves with ease. But being able to maneuver with ease doesn't mean the game is easy. The gameplay has the same fast, frenetic, frantic pace of Assault Android Cactus, as bullets and enemies fly in from all angles, and you must constantly stay on the move, rarely given a moment to rest. However, XenoRaptor offers the player far more freedom in terms of gameplay. From engine types to customizing your loadouts to altering your dragons color pattern, you have a wide range of options to mix and match. Want to be a teleporting, mine dropping, laser blade wielding cyberdragon? Or evasive and armed with railgun and chaingun? Or do you want to mind control enemy ships and use your laser like a tractor beam? All those playstyles are equally viable.

XenoRaptor's charm extends to its environments and visuals as well. Controlling a weaponized space dragon mech is just feels more exciting and cooler your usual SHMUP ship, and better yet, the health and overheat meter is represented Dead Space-style, by lights on your dragon's body, keeping the UI minimal and the screen free of clutter. The backdrop of planet, stars, and asteroid fields are impressive and in some instances play a role in gameplay. Asteroids can be dragged along with your tractor beam or used to funnel enemies through chokepoints so they destroy themselves.

XenoRaptor doesn't just offer hectic single player chaos; you can also play co-operatively and competitively. I haven't tried those modes yet, but they're there for people who enjoy multiplayer. The game is still in beta, with more maps, enemies, bosses, and ship components to come. If you're a fan of arcade shooters, bullet hell fun, and tactical depth, XenoRaptor is right up your alley.
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Post February 27th, 2014, 11:57 pm

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This game keeps getting better and better. Also so many GIFs


More chaos

Lightning shotgun

Tactical nuke...with lasers


Bullet hell weapon


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