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Project: Strongroom - Fast Paced, Freestyle, Arcade Stealth

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Hi all, I'm Adam Langridge, I used to work at Lionhead studios on games like Fable II and Black & White 2.

For the last few months here at Wonderstruck, we've been working hard on Project: Strongroom - a fast paced, arcade stealth game that focuses on luring enemies out of your path instead of killing them or sitting still and waiting for them to look the other way.

It's a whitebox Prototype, meaning the graphics are blocky, but we’re really excited about the gameplay and would love to know what you guys thought.


You play as a world renowned art thief, relying on your wits (and cool gadgets) to evade and bewilder the guards between you and your prizes. In this game, you’re a thief, not a thug. All your obstacles will be avoided or manipulated, not murdered.

Here's an example of the gameplay.

Click on the link below to play the in browser prototype (no download required, but Google Chrome is recommended). If you want to keep your progress, you will need to register. ... Strongroom

If there are things you like or hate about it, please let us know about it here. Or fill in the feedback form!

We hope you enjoy it, and thanks for helping us make this game better!

Here's Some Concept Art to whet your appetite:




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Just played the browser demo.

Great concept. Definitely going to keep an eye on this one. And that final graphics concept is so sexy!

How are you planning to release the final game? Which platforms?

Please keep us updated. :D
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Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it so far.

It's running in the browser at the moment. We've also got it running on some tablets too!

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Looks awesome, keeping an eye out for a proper demo ;-)

How do you reckon you compare to Incognita?

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Thanks for giving it a try! I'm Chris, and I'm also working on this game as a programmer and designer.

As for Incognita, I'm a fan of Klei's previous games and I'm looking forward to playing it but I don't think Project: Strongroom will be particularly similar when it comes to the moment-to-moment gameplay. I can see the similarities in the atmosphere and the camera angle, but they're a turn based strategy game and we're a fast-paced action game.

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Thanks so much to everyone who's playing it so far - We're really glad you're enjoying it!

We've just tweaked the demo based on some feedback - the cursor is now quicker and there's a LOT less bumping into walls when you run around. If you haven't had a go, now's a good time!

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Wow this concept artwork looks amazing!

How long have you guys been working on this game?

Can't wait to see the final game!
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Hi! Thanks for the compliment! We've been working on it for a few months. Thanks to everyone who has played it, you've given us some really great feedback and we're starting to work on the next phase. Watch this space!

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