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Post October 4th, 2013, 12:54 pm

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I was really happy for you when I saw VOX was greenlit.

Post October 31st, 2013, 6:01 pm

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Hey, just wanted to let you know the new update/patch is currently available on IndieGameStand. v0.40

Here is the changelist:

Vox V0.40
New Features:
* Fog rendering for far distances.
* Better biome generation.
* Better enemy and item spawning.
* Enemies can spawn in different biomes.
* Proper 'Alive times' on tombstones.
* Pulldown menu for particle effects in the creation editor.
* Add fire status effect to weapons and attacks
* Enemy sonar shots (purple concentric rings).
* Bats now fire sonar projectiles as an attack.
* NPCs attack back enemies that are harassing them.
* Better trees and scenery for intro.
* Include seconds on tombstones.
* Multiplayer Lobby screen.
* Multiplayer coding - threads and sockets.
* Multiplayer configuration IP/port/etc added to configuration manager.
* Add support for UDP as well as TCP communications.
* Game chat available once joined a multiplayer game from the lobby.
* Player Idle flag. Dont do same idle animation if we are already idle
* Online player nameplates.
* Proper animations used by online players.
* Block explosions sent over multiplayer.
* Sending shots across the network in multiplayer.
* Don't spawn block items on clients.
* Better fire wand accuracy.
* Damage and respawning sent over the network.
* Better creating and freeing of OnlinePlayer class data.
* Better respawn handling for players joining an existing game.
* Don't send refresh request to serverlist if we are not in the multiplayer lobby.
* Add a leave game button to the multiplayer lobby.
* Better world seeding for multiplayer synch support.
* Sending game params over multiplayer games.
* Rendering Online Players on the minimap.
* Dropped collection blocks are scaled sensibly.
* Collectable blocks dont stay in the world forever - disappear after a time.
* Reduce the magic cost of fire wand.
* Remove combat slow time during jump attacks.
* Add equip change support for multiplayer.
* Remove chat textbox focus when we leave the lobby.
* Allow reset focus functionality on master GUI class.
* Also add helmet and shoulder items to online players.
* Add scale and offset to online player body and weapon/item rendering.
* Send health for online players that have already spawned.
* Building with world blocks in multiplayer!
* Spawn block explode particle effects when other online players destroy blocks.
* Add arrows to multiplayer.
* Send velocity with shots.
* Allow clients to update shot velocity.
* Better player disconnection handling.
* Handle clients crashing out of a game.
* Handle server disconnecting from the clients point of view.
* Scenery objects get dropped when world scenery is destroyed.
* Scenery creation over multiplayer.
* Typing into the chat window from within the game.
* Enter key to start typing a message.
* Arrows and shots disappear on the client after a delay of no data being sent from host.
* Add items to multiplayer traffic.
* Client items created on host when clients drop them from inventory.
* Send interact presses from online players.
* Online players HUD display render.
* Proper scale x,y,z offsets for network sent items.
* Proper tombstones on clients and hosts.
* Picking up items on the client during a multiplayer game now works.
* Sending melee attackings over multiplayer games.
* Removing items from clients when the host erases them, for whatever reason.
* Bombs in multiplayer.
* Dynamic texture support for icons in the GUI - paperdoll.
* Quest GUI improvements, Rewards, Quest tabs, Quest text.
* Health up animation as player is respawning.
* Quest rewards and reward information on quest GUI.
* Better quest journal. only record the last 5 quests in proper completed order.
* Castle parts are now made out of stone block types.
* Proper animation state for using the rocket boots.
* Underground indestructable blocks at bottom of world.
* Better shadow rendering, additional simplified meshes for shadows.
* Mirror mode in creation editor.
* NPC set type in constructor.
* Support for idle miner NPCs.
* Remove item interaction code for NPCs.
* Arrow buttons for model rotation on the character GUI paperdoll.
* Smooth player facing rotations, twist and turn when changing direction of movement.
* Make the create custom character screen use the creation GUI - shared code.
* Add coins and money display to the new GUI design.
* Create dropped item from quest reward, if inventory is full.
* Random ore rotation.
* Vapid Mask and Indie Beard cameo items added to random loot.
* Reduce actionbar slots to 6.
* Remove all transition animations from the HUD.
* Use proper SSAO rendering for dynamic textures in the HUD - characters, portraits, item icons, etc.
* SSAO rendering for companion HUD portraits.
* Items and bombs get affected by blast radiuses.
* Reset button in the weapon editor.
* Drag items to the Weapon editor window for quick editing.
* Allow crafting GUI to be opened from the inventory.
* Crafting recipes when openeing the crafting GUI from the inventory
* Better primitive block types for wood, stone, grass, sand, dirt, rock.
* Cactus blocks.
* Leaf blocks.
* Snow blocks.
* Exploding arrows now make an explosion sound effect when blowing up.
* Improvements to the create character screen.
* Better common button icons.
* Improved GUI and HUD textures and functionality - Offsets and label colour changes.
* Better popups for select world screen.
* Confirm/cancel on delete world button.
* Tutorial and introduction help guide added for new characters.
* Tutorial prompt added to select world screen.
* Completed tutorial stat added to player profile.
* Better world create screen.
* Different World types - tutorial, story, creative, hardcore.
* Re-enable depth of field renderer.
* Allow non-SSAO rendering.
* Better shadow and SSAO rendering.
* Vastly improved item library screen, proper scrollbar for items.
* Move characters directory out of export folder, for better item library functionality.
* Change terminology for left/right weapons to left/right hands.
* Sort out proper left and right handedness.
* Equipment highlight icon shown on paperdoll screen to show where to equip.
* Equipment highlight also shown from lootGUI.
* Proper edit and delete background textures.
* Allow 10 letters for character name, up from 8.
* Add folder display to the item library.
* Add folder and up folder icons to item library screen.
* Faster 'reload' time when placing scenery - allows faster placement of multiple scenery.
* When crafting items with a full inventory, items get dropped on ground.
* Remove HUD buttons for inventory, character stats and quest journal.
* Crafting GUI - improved handling of draggable buttons and button label management.
* Add crafting bench.
* New crafting recipes added to all crafting stations.
* Make sure to remove crafting items before adding to inventory.
* Better GUI rendering, allow for more depth for GUI Windows!
* Support for connecting and disconnecting to the server list.
* Allow multiplayer games to be created and hosted even when not connected to server list.
* Allow for joining games via direct IP address entered.
* Open chatGUI when connected to multiplayer games.
* Chat GUI in the multiplayer lobby screen.
* Connect To IP window and controls on multiplayer lobby screen.
* 'Other' window on create character screen for other character params.
* Reset default button added - Create character screen.
* Randomzie button added - Create character screen.
* Presets pulldown added - Create character screen.
* Increase fidelity of create character sliders.
* Add snow biome and snow world objects.
* Better tress and more variety of trees generated.
* Tree stumps.
* Better block detection for creation mode - More precision on mouse cursor.
* Better loading screen - Graphics and progress bar improvements.
* Remove front-end transition animations.
* Don't spawn NPCs and quests givers in multiplayer games.
* Add create game dialog box popup to multiplayer lobby screen.
* Different game modes and server params when creating multiplayer games.
* Add gametype and max players to server game param data send.
* Add the filename textbox to the voxel editor in ItemLibrary.
* Make new directories if not exists when saving voxel objects.
* Show the filename textbox if we are using the voxel editor from the item library.
* New crafting items - Slime jelly, bones, bee wings and bat fangs.
* Make sure to use shadow shader on frontend graphics.
* Lots of new audio effects and tidy up lots of sound effects.
* Player hit sound effects - different for sword skeletons.
* Better organisation of GUI windows opening and closing.
* Stop intro music when launching multiplayer games.
* Use proper character name, or multiplayer name in chat GUI.
* Clear biome data on game mode changes.
* Only erase when wing animation has finished on flyign enemies.
* Max load distance value used in the chunk manager.
* Better load and draw distance management for chunks.
* Add max load distance to the options menu.
* If in multiplayer game return the multiplayer name as the player name.
* Snow/Tundra scenery flowers and grass.
* Dont import or export chunk data in multiplayer games.

* Don't spawn voxel particles if we are not exploding a voxel block.
* Only allow 3d world text rendering if we are within the camera frustum.
* Don't display the speech bubble arrow texture if we dont show portraits
* Remove window focus hack.
* Also update item manager in front-end.
* Explosions can NOT spawn items/blocks sometimes.
* Fix bug on quest GUI closing when having a quest.
* Fix for creating a ghost when getting killed by a ghost - dont do during iterator update.
* Add mutex to stop crashes with particle effects and socket close.
* Remove player hover target code.
* Make placement blocks sprites larger when held in hands.
* Fix container event listeners - adding and removing.
* Only if parsing is successful do we do the JSON processing.
* Only do JSON processing if root is an object.
* Split up multiplayer code in serverlist, server and client files.
* Scenery objects don't use full path anymore for filename.
* Remove chat window when we unload the multiplayer lobby.
* Fix creation grid render BUG. Now renders proper grid when modified object.
* Better configuration file, nicer descriptions in file.
* Loading / Setup chunk tweaks.
* Stop items magnet to player if we find out we can no longer pickup the moving item.
* Fix actionbar bugs.
* Make sure that action bar items are unloaded when putting in chests.
* Fix crafting GUI item placement when dragging items to the crafting GUI.
* Fix speech bubble management - include signposts and tombstones.
* Set pipecolour functionality for textboxes.
* Better crafting button interaction, setitng proper vertical index.
* 3D Text effects use proper game viewport.
* Allow offset for pressed and also label colour changing when pressed/hover.
* Allow for stopping label colour changes in buttons. - select character screen.
* Better world profile deleting.
* Allow checkbox and options to not change label colour.
* Fix NPC scale and size, better particle effect on respawning and exploding.
* Fix for speech bubbles where the last word was not word wrapping properly.
* Fix for inventory being full when trying to accept a quest that has items to give.
* Value changed callback on scrollbars.
* Fix for ore nugget pickups when inventory is full.
* Fix for picking up dropped items when inventory is full.
* When clicking on a dropped item when inventory is full, wont trigger magnet and then be suppressed.
* Fix create button on crafting GUI label offset.
* Tidyup the multiplayer lobby screen - common chat window used.
* Make sure to remove the scrollbars from create character screen when we unload.
* Fix loading progress bar filling up twice.
* Various fixes for creating files and directories from the voxel editor.
* Fix some item locking in multiplayer games.
* Fix for player health respawning above max_health.
* Skip EXPORT file in item library.
* Allow Creation GUI to save in custom character creation.
* Properly setting audio params for children of containers.
* Quicker intro animation delay when returning to main menu.

I hope you all enjoy playing the new update and maybe get a chance to test out multiplayer .

There is still a long way to go, but this is a massive first step in making Vox a much better and more complete game.


Post November 1st, 2013, 4:05 am

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Thx, gonna check it out today.

Post November 11th, 2013, 6:50 pm

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Vox v0.41 is out and available to download from your IGS wallet now too... first and foremost before any of the other distribution platforms. :P

Because I love IGS so much!

Post November 11th, 2013, 7:38 pm

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We love you too Geeky. :)

Post November 12th, 2013, 9:16 am

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Thank you :) Hope your game will do good on Steam (cause you deserve it)

Post November 12th, 2013, 1:52 pm

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Thx alot, gonna test drive today :D
Hope it's a little more stable than it used to be :D

Post November 12th, 2013, 4:01 pm

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Congratulations AlwaysGeeky, Welcome on Steam. 8-)

Post November 12th, 2013, 5:58 pm

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Hello, I was just wandering if I get a steam key if I bought the game from Humble store or not?

Post November 12th, 2013, 7:00 pm

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Bradaz85 wrote:
Hello, I was just wandering if I get a steam key if I bought the game from Humble store or not?

OFC you will

Post November 12th, 2013, 8:08 pm

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Steam keys have just been uploaded... I hope you guys are gonna have some fun! :D

Post November 14th, 2013, 2:23 am

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AlwaysGeeky wrote:
Steam keys have just been uploaded... I hope you guys are gonna have some fun! :D

Good man. Thanks very much.

Post November 14th, 2013, 9:16 am

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Location: Portugal
Me, being the one who suggested Vox to IGS, I am really happy you finally made your way through the Greenlight system into the Steam store, still as much as I want to play the game I can't because it runs pretty bad for me, it's mainly my fault I'd say. Looking foward to give it a proper try once I upgrade my GPU.


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