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ALMKA - Awesome Little Mighty Knight Adventure

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Good morning, indiegamestand-community!

We (6 students from Germany) found our company a few weeks ago and are proud to announce our first game. It was released yesterday!


Our university made a "Best Game Award 2013"-contest where several students could take part. After we did this (not ALMKA) project together and won this award, we decided to go ahead and found a company together. If you're interested in our company visit us on the social networks or on our homepage.

Facebook: https://www.facebook...Dev6.GameStudio

Back to the game. ALMKA is a top-down 2D adventure.
Summary: "Armed with a lot of maniac weapons, fight the evil spawn of your imagination. All alone, or with the assistance of one of your friends, you will plunge deeper into the depths of the well. Explore different paths and loot giant boxes of treasure to grow stronger on your journey. Always remember, it is all within your mind... isn't it?!"
We made a short video to explain what ALMKA is about, enjoy:

You can buy the game on Desura:

See you soon! :-)

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Hey guys looks cool. Love the Zelda-esk gameplay. :)

Is it multiplayer?
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