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Hi, new member and fellow indie lover

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Post July 23rd, 2013, 10:25 am

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Hi, I'm Christian. Just joined, kind of stumbled over this site but very happy that I did. I've always had a interest in indie games. My first PC game was Facade; even at 13, I was drawn to those kinds of unique experimental games that I couldn't find on PS2 (and still can't find on consoles today)

For the longest time, I could only enjoy the indie scene as an observer. A weak laptop and no credit card restricted me to browser and freeware games. Now I finally experience indies as they were meant to.

While I still enjoy AAA games, I've found what interests me the most nowadays is innovation and originality. And IMO the indie scene is the home to the kinds of innovative ideas and risky experkmental designs that I love, that would never be attempted on consoles.

So very happy to have found this site. Have a few suggestions of my own:)

Also if anyone interested, I'm a member on NeoGAF and there's a great thriving community of indie enthusiasts.
Here's the link to the monthly indie game thread, if you want to discuss games or just looking for some indie recommendations:
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Post July 23rd, 2013, 11:01 am

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Thanks for joining the forum and so glad you found our site! Great NeoGaf link too - something for us to patrol and keep an eye on.

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