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Linking Forum Accounts to main IGS account (sort of)

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Hey guys -

I just wanted to get a sense of if your forum username is the same as your IGS username - is that the case for most of you? I'm working on pulling your most recent forum posts into a public user profile page and we can pass your existing IGS username and test to see if it exists in the forum and if that fails have you input your forum username by editing your account. What say you?

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Mine are the same.
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The same, will this fix the advertising spam on the forum? (just wondering)

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Yeah. same. Never really understood why SSO (shared userbase) was not created in first place.

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Mine is the same.

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The same. I agree with Toyotame, the main site and the forums should have used the same accounts from the start, if it was feasible.

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Not certain as to how this occurred, but mine are not, although they are pretty obviously linked.

Forum = Viroodiem
Store = Viranimus

EDIT: As for me, they are both mentally interchangeable so I wont bother with account editing personally. What ever it is, thats who I be yo.

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