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Post January 23rd, 2014, 6:00 am

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I just wanted to come forward and wish Josh Mattingly the best of luck on getting better. I can appreciate the strains and pains of life that he has been under. I know he made some big blunders, but "To err is human". I know he has fallen from where he was, but that was something he built largely by himself (I was following when he had no staff). I hope he knows that he isn't alone and that some of us appreciate what he does despite his errors.

He has a family history of depression, a family history of drug use/dependence, his brother passed away from cancer around a year ago, and he has some people (including myself) that will stand by him even through the hard times. Even Chris Priestman [who is awesome], having had a professional fallout and having left Indie Statik, has not divorced Josh as a human being. I will not over-inflate one horrible conversation that went public. I will stand by his side and I just want him to keep doing what he has been doing and will support him. I hope that some other indie gamers and supporters will stand by me and appreciate Josh's apology and efforts to better himself.

Post January 23rd, 2014, 9:25 am

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The worst thing about this whole ordeal is that Priestman is also leaving Indie Statik. I worked with him at IGM and he is a great passionate writer of indie games.

Post January 23rd, 2014, 12:21 pm

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Yeah, this is an unfortunate situation. Hopefully, this situation will help motivate Josh to seek support for his self-proclaimed alcohol abuse and depression. Sometimes it takes a serious blunder to spur change, and Josh is fortunate that his blunder was verbal, instead of physical (like hitting someone while driving drunk, abusing a spouse/child, or committing suicide). Some of the more serious, physical blunders have occurred in my extended family, and those scars can take far longer to heal than making a professionally and personally offensive statement.

I support Josh's decision to step down (temporarily?) from Indie Statik, and I really hope he can reach out to get some counseling and peer support. Man, I hate counseling, but it's amazingly helpful for improving oneself.

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