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Post February 24th, 2014, 2:05 pm

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What is Space Invasion?
As a commander of an imperial space force you will conquer unexplored planets, create colonies and equip your fleet for attack or defense. Strategic warfare is the focus of Spaceinvasion!

SpaceInvasion is a stragetic space simulation game: as a commander you will battle for domination in the universe. From your planets fleet squadrons will launch into space with the mission to colonize new planets and capture precious resources. You will build an industrial infrastructure, establish weapons factories and defenses to protect your base.

Team up with other players to form powerful alliances or fight alone through interstellar battles: to become the most powerful fleet admiral strategic warfare is required. Spy probes report important information about the enemy, through effective research resource production is increased as well as effective energy use in attacks and defense keeps your figher squadron prepared for fleet maneuvers!

This is a great real time strategy game that require a high level of strategy and tactics. I have played this game my self for soon 8 years and i will recommend trying this game.

If you try the game and like it look me up ingame my alliance is recruiting and we can give you a great startoff.

Link to game:

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