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Hi guys. I'm new here on the forums. I've been working on a couple of games for mobile phones for a couple of years now (or close to it) and we just began our 2nd game. I was wondering if you guys might be willing to give some feedback. The game is a mixture between sim games and 2d action side scroller with an open world element. During the day you send your character, that you create, to work in order to earn in game currency which you can then use to buy upgrades for his/her apartment or new outfits. They also own a smart phone. So with that currency you can also purchase minigames for the character to play while they're at work. At night though, when the player puts them to sleep, they dream. The dreams can be nightmares at times, survival horror, or other times you may lead armies into battle. We're putting a huge emphasis on choices. So depending on the choices of the player, the game worlds can change drastically. We're hoping to add in game romances that the player can choose to follow through with or not. We're also focussing on a pixel art look. You can check out our facebook, link below, to see the art style that we've developed. And of course, if you like what you see please help support us by giving us a like/share. Any input is greatly appreciated guys [​IMG]



(Screenshot of our inventory system. Lots of customization options coming!)


(Screenshot of one of the many dream environments players can explore)

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This looks pretty interesting. I like your concept, sounds like it could turn out to be pretty neat. Please keep us updated!
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Thanks! I'm happy to hear you like it. We just uploaded our first full trailer just in case anyone wants to check it out.

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While I don't play mobile games, the art is great for that platform. Thanks for sharing.

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Ah! Love the FB cover photo!!!

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Thanks for all the replies guys! We're very happy to hear you like our art style :) Is the concept fairly obvious, or would you guys say it's a bit vague?

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WaketheDreamer wrote:
Is the concept fairly obvious, or would you guys say it's a bit vague?

Obvious enough for me. That said, it hasn't ever been done, so without seeing the finished product, it is hard to envision what it will play like.

The sim part will help with immersion and the dream part will help with the awesome.

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Hey guys. Just wanted to update you all and show you guys an article written by IGM on our game, Wake the Dreamer. Give it a read! And if you're feeling extra nice, Like/share us on facebook or twitter or tumblr! ... ckstarter/

Post July 10th, 2014, 7:01 am

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Once you release I will be sure to do a review it looks amazing so far

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