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Rooftop Raider - An endless runner from a new perspective!

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Want to try something a little different to the usual 3rd-person endless runners? Look no further than Pipe Games' newest release, Rooftop Raider! A first-person continuous runner, Rooftop Raider puts you on top of the world (almost literally) as you jump, duck, dodge, and dash your way across an alien cityscape.

Use your reflexes to collect gold and rare coins along the way, and use these valuable items to purchase permanent alien abilities and upgrades for your character, including a regenerating obstacle shield, a superman jump, and a short-range blink-teleport. All of which will assist you in reaching new heights, and grabbing even more loot!

Check it out for free on Google Play!

What we're trying to do with Rooftop Raider to make it a little more unique than other continuous runners on the market is push that first-person perspective, and try to add a bit of solid character customization to the mix, in terms of the abilities/skills.

At the moment at Pipe Games we're trying to establish a foothold in the indie game development scene, and we really want to get this game out on the Apple store soon. Hopefully with a ton of new content wrought from any feedback we receive from this beta release. So please, help out an indie and give it a look!

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