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Retro cinematic action/puzzle game hits kickstarter!

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My name is Jeremy Solares (I go by Tsuyoi Raion in many places), I have been solely developing my game for the past nine months without any funds. As an indie developer I really push myself to the limit and continue to expand in my abilities. Working on the game for the past six months in between shifts didn't work out well, so now I am trying to step into a new stage in my life where I can do game developing full time. I recently just launched a kickstarter and am looking to get the word out about my game! Let's Play videos, articles, reviews, podcasts, interviews, you name it! Please do it!

Details about the game below:

Name: Just Beneath The Skin
Beta Version: v1.4.5


Just Beneath The Skin is a cinematic/action puzzle RPG revolving around Shyla, whom unknowingly and unwillingly is forced into battling for her life and for the lives of many others. Shyla takes on the world as she unravels the secrets that lie just beneath her skin, revealing an alien God that wishes to live again.

Taking up her fathers old sword she must face monsters, aliens and maybe even closer foes, friends and family. As the plot thickens Shyla will soon see that she never had a choice, her life has been planned out from the very beginning. Even though she feels alone as she trudges on through one dangerous event after another, visions of another place fill her head just the same. She can't help but feel something deeper is going on then any plot the aliens have for her, something connecting everything together with thin lines of life and death.





KS Link:

Below is the "JBS Press Pack Release" supplying anything you may need, if you need more feel free to contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Please help shed some light on my game!


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