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Building a team for new JRPG (beyond the heart)

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Hey everyone! I'm Lukas from Shinjin studios. I'm starting a game called "Beyond the heart" which will be a turned based JRPG focused on emotion and atmosphere in a dark gritty country in post apocalyptic world. Our hero is a soldier for a private army squad A ,but he is separated from his squad in a sandstorm in the the desert of the Balley province. You fight some bandits and finally find you squad A being attacked by your own fellow soldiers from B squad! You barely escape with you life and collapse near a river were the citizen help you back to health and you seek revenge!.

Our team is currently pretty small but we need third dementional coders and people that can do CEL shading! Basacly we needof coders like crazy! We have a couple coders but their not very skilled at 3D.We are going to publish the game on steam and profit sharing will be income. Creative ides are always welcome!

Features were aiming for

- Huge open world

-Interesting Characters

-Emotional choices

-Revenge filled drama

comment to apply! I'll PM you if interested

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If you are looking for a composer, I have a lot of experience in games and short films, and I'm always looking for new projects. I can tailor music to whatever you are looking for.

Check out some of my sounds:
Playlist from Skinwalker (short film):
Fallen Angel:
Moving Forward:
Escaping Darkness:

email me at eklassen [at] if you are interested in having me contribute!

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