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AERENA - Clash of Champions

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Post March 1st, 2014, 3:59 pm

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Game Homepage | IndieDB Page

Developer: Cliffhanger Productions
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android (cross-platform play)
DRM & Distribution: Desura, Steam

Development Status: Alpha (but very playable)

I've been really enjoying this one lately. It's obstensibly very early in development, but it already feels very polished, and is a lot of fun. Note that the image below is outdated: the most recent update made some changes to the visuals of the arenas, which look even better now, and the interface has been massively improved.
ÆRENA is a challenging, hero-centric combat game teeming with innovative features, revolutionary mechanics and jaw-dropping graphics. Assemble a team of uniquely skilled gladiators. Lead it to victory in challenging tactical combat and become the Æther Master!

  • Battle anytime, anywhere with true cross-platform gameplay!
  • Use YOUR tactics and strategy in challenging battles to lead your team of Champions to victory!
  • Compete live against your friends and other players, or perfect your combat skills in solo training!
  • Pilot your ship from arena to arena and leverage its special abilities to support your team!
  • Turn the tide of battle with game-changing Æther Effects!
  • Build a winning strategy from 40+ Champions, Æther Shells and ships!
  • Once you’re battle-tested, enter the “League of Champions” and compete against the world’s best players for the ultimate prize!

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