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Full Mojo Rampage

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Post October 31st, 2013, 2:00 pm

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Location: Ottawa, Canada

Game: Full Mojo Rampage
Developer: Over the Top Games (Nyx Quest, Fancy Pants Adventures)
Platforms: Windows
DRM & Distribution: DRM-Free, Steam
Full Mojo Rampage is a fast-paced exploration and action game that takes place within the confines of the Voodoo reality. In this realm only the most powerful rites and powers can provide a safeguard against evil. It includes cooperative and competitive gameplay, so you can enjoy the game in different ways with your friends. We are currently working with Windows/PC as the main platform, and maybe, if it makes sense, we will port it to Xbox 360, PS3 and WiiU in the future (ok, and maybe PS4!).

Over the Top Games is a small independent studio composed of five highly passionate developers. We have been working hard on this game for the past year and are excited to show you the fruits of our labor.

In this first update we want to share some of the details about the development of the game and explain a bit more about what you can expect to find when you play it.


If you can't see the video below in Chrome, click the shield beside the URL and click 'load unsafe scripts'

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