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Detective Case and Clown Bot in Murder in the Hotel Lisbon

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Game: Detective Case and Clown Bot in Murder in the Hotel Lisbon
Platform: PC/Mac/Linux (Desura, DRM-free, Steam Greenlight)
Developer: Nerd Monkeys

Game Description:
A strange murder has occurred in the Hotel Lisbon, a man committed suicide with 14 stabs to the back while at the same time he peacefully drank his coffee. This case with contradictory facts was too complex for Policeman Garcia to solve, so he decided to hire the only detective duo in town capable of solving it: the mythical Detective Case and the unmistakable Clown Bot.
Murder in the Hotel Lisbon is a videogame inspired by the classic point and click adventures from the 80's and 90's. It adopts these eras characteristically design and it is built using only the pixel art technique. The game itself runs at a native resolution of 256x192, the same resolution used by the old ZX Spectrum 48k and most recently by the Nintendo DS.
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I normally am SO not into the whole intentional 'mystery' or 'comedy' games
(they're generally neither to me :S) but this was instant yes.

This seems fairly original and witty and funny rather than 'comedic' if that
makes sense.

Also, Nerd Monkeys and the title.

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I usually have no interest in these kind of games but this one... it's made by portuguese brethren! A big YES from me chumps!

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